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Glee has a truly passionate fanbase. That's a cold hard fact that no one can dispute, and we would bet lots of money that no one wants to dispute that in fear the Gleeks would come find them while they slept.

But being a passionate fanbase also means being a loud and vocal fanbase. And executive producers Brad Falchuck and Dante Di Loreto hear you all loud and clear. On Sunday they hit the Comic-Con press room to tell reporters their reactions to Glee fans and their constant feedback, while throwing us some scoop on the show's most asked about couples: Will & Emma and Finn & Rachel...

Falchuck and Di Loreto tiredly plopped down at one of three press tables after a scoop-filled panel to field questions from reporters, and the very first one that came up was regarding how the media and fans impact their creative decisions. "You hear things on Twitter and what happens is, it's a lot like giving notes. You want to hear people's opinions and if there's a consensus or something rings true in you then you have to address it," Di Loreto says. "If you try to do everything, you have nothing, but you're just trying to filter through what really is important, what people really connected with, what's working."

"I think what I try to do with media and fan reaction is look for patterns," Falchuck adds. "So I look for [someone] saying they hate this character, but maybe that's not what they're saying. Maybe they're saying what we're doing with this character and how that character is relating to [another] character is upsetting them. Or maybe [a certain] storyline is something that they're having an aversion to. What is it about that specifically that I can do something about?"

Glee, Cory Monteith, Lea Michele

He continues: "Sometimes you look at it and say, 'I don't want to do something about it because I happen to know where this is going and I think where it's going to end up is going to be worthwhile and people will be satisfied with it.' Other times you say, 'I hear what you're saying and so I'm going to try and make some changes with it.'"

For example, the constant outcry for "more love" for Will (Matthew Morrison) and Emma (Jayma Mays) interaction. Or the constant plea to stop messing with Finn (Cory Monteith) and Rachel (Lea Michele). "I always feel like with the Finn and Rachel people, it's like, 'What more do you want from me?' It's like, 'Did you see that last episode [of season two]? It was like the Finn and Rachel valentine," Falchuck says with a smile. Fear not, Finchel fans. That valentine will keep on keeping on in season three. "We're not interested in breaking them up this year and, at the same time, there are the challenges of graduating and they're different kinds of people and where does that take you? I think that's what we'll explore with that," he adds.

And what of Wemma? "They'll be getting into it this year," Falchuk reveals coyly. "[Fans] should feel really comfortable with [every couple]. We're not really interested in breaking anybody up this year, but those are all relationships we're going to get into. Will and Emma definitely, especially in the first 10."

As much as they enjoy getting feedback from Glee fans, Falchuck and Di Loreto have to put a limit to how much they let Twitter or fan forums dictate the show. "I appreciate everybody's opinion. Just not so many of them," Falchuck laughs. But they also insist that having a rabid fanbase is a good problem to deal with. "We went from being this show that you just hope people would watch to like a favorite sports team, and [now] people are invested in whether a certain player gets traded or starts. It's really exciting," says Di Loreto.

Happy to hear all the couples will remain safe? What do you hope to see for your favorite character in season three? Because after all, the bosses are listening!

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