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Dear Ted:
With the announcement of Jesse James and Kat Von D's split coming on Sandra Bullock's birthday, can you tell me what my favorite rom-com actress is up to lately? Totally miss seeing her onscreen!

Dear Seeking Sandra:
This mama won't be absent from the silver screen for too long. She's been busy working on two big-league films with hottie costars like George Clooney and Tom Hanks. And while you might think that news of her cheater ex-hubby's latest split was the best B-day present ever, trust, Sandy doesn't care about all that drama anymore (very much).

Dear Ted:
What's the juiciest piece of behind-the-scenes Comic-Con drama you can spare?

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Dear Con Man:
Well the Nikki Reed biz that we blabbed about was quite the talk of San Diego, but there was plenty of behind-the-scenes dirt. Not the least of which had to do with a supposedly fun type turned diva-fied...And no, we're not just talking about Amanda Seyfried...

Dear Ted:
You've said that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are both aware of each other's Vices. Is that one of the things they like about each other? Could it be that's part of the attraction between them?
—R/K fan

Dear Vicey Valentines:
Definitely. We all know that Robsten aren't the most conventional couple, but they definitely have some very similar qualities, and that's why they work so well. Plus, it's no secret that Kristen loves her love on the rebel side.

Dear Ted:
A couple of weeks ago you mentioned that somehow a director still wanted to cast Morgan Mayhem in a major role. I was just wondering if she has managed to blow her billionth opportunity yet.

Dear Box-Office Blow-Out:
She hasn't blown it...yet. But she's certainly not cleaning up her act in the way the A-list director had hoped for. It's not looking good on this one, which is a damn shame ‘cause it's exactly the type of big-screen pic that could put Morg back on the map.

Dear Ted:
I've loved Kristen Bell since Veronica Mars. My rescue kitties and I think she's adorable! Do you think she had a little "too much fun" filming Reefer Madness?
—Just Curious about Kristen

Dear Ring My Bell:
K.Bell is a doll. She's really as sweet as you'd think she is. And Vice-free, too. But that doesn't mean she doesn't have a few dirty little secrets to keep. They mostly concern her hilar other-half tho.

Dear Ted:
You said Debbie Doobie has been in a slew of movies and TV shows. Can you tell us which she started out in first and if she is currently on a TV show?

Dear Lit Up:
She got most famous for her small-screen persona and has taken it to the box office. She dabbles in both these days, so of course you'll see her face pop up on the boob tube from time to time.

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