Comic-Con 2011 Tile

Even though this is his second time at Comic-Con rodeo, bemused Brit Daniel Craig seems a little nervous talking to E!'s Catt Sadler and Ben Lyons. Maybe it's the contrast between his dapper suit and his wardrobe for Cowboys & Aliens, which reportedly leans pretty heavily on skin-tight chaps. Yowsa!

How did that work out for him?

Well since Daniel's spoken about his dream of appearing in a western, we'd say it's a necessary part of the deal. And we're sure the producers thought it would give girlfriends something to enjoy while their boyfriends check out the explosions and gun fights.

Director Jon Favreau joins his star, to greet our red carpet cameras in San Diego, where Jolly Old Chap Craig opines that Harrison Ford is a funny fellow, while Favreau compares the film's release to giving birth, saying the movie is now "crowning."

C'mon now everybody push and maybe we can get this flick in theaters prematurely.

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