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As much as we love the über-adorable Amanda Seyfried, we have to admit that she got a little diva-licious while promoting her flick, In Time, with Justin Timberlake over the weekend at Comic-Con in San Diego. 

See, the rising celeb decided she needed a little makeup touch-up, which would be no biggie for a girl, except that she decided she needed to evacuate everyone to do so. The starlet made sure that the entire bathroom was cleared out at the Wired Café just so she could get her hair and makeup redone.

That's right: a touch-up!

But that wasn't the last of it for the seemingly cranky Seyfried…

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Once she got all glamorized, our girl A.S. then refused to take any pictures. The actress was supposed to snap some snazzy pics, but then ditched that plan at the last minute.

Why go through so much trouble to make sure you're all done up, Amanda, if you're just going to hide away?

Elsewhere, another babe accompanied by a handful of bodyguards was playing it far cooler…

Captain America himself, Chris Evans, attended the Landmark Technology Music Lodge at Culy Warehouse, just down the street from the Convention Center. And although Chris was accompanied by a surprisingly large posse, he wasn't quite as demanding as Ms. Seyfried.

Wearing a blue sweatshirt and brown cargo pants, Chris was escorted around, posing for pics with various uniformed peeps and chitchatting with industry types before eventually retreating to a corner with his PR peeps.

The lodge doubled as a ceremony for the Navy SEAL Foundation, and Chris, in full Cap'n A. glory, took to the stage to honor a couple of choice countrymen with a replica of his superhero alter ego's shield.

And when one of the female guests in attendance took a tumble walking off stage, Chris was right there to help her get back on her feet.

How very patriotic! And gentlemanly.

We just hope next time he'll wear something a bit more form fitting. Sure, he looked cute in his comfies, but why spend hours in the gym if you're just going to hide that buff bod, right?

Fellow Comic-Con muscle man and future Conan the Barbarian Jason Momoa was also spotted in San Diego trying to fit into a crammed elevator at the Se San Diego hotel after a Comic-Con roundtable discussion. An eyewitness tells us, "The packed elevator was so filled with castmates, reporters and PR people that the buzzer kept going off and doors wouldn't close."

After a long struggle, our spy tells us the buff Jason blurted, "I think it's trying to tell me I'm fat!" to ease the tension. Luckily, a few people eventually got off the elevator and funny-guy Jase was able to make his way down the floors and slip out of the building.

Outside the hotel, Jason's Conan costar Rachel Nichols was waiting patiently with her peeps to go to the convention center. She looked très cute in short brown shorts and cute blonde hair.

As Rachel was lingering around for a ride, a rickshaw guy offered her a lift to the convention center for five bucks. He said she'd totally love it but the gal politely refused, saying "I'm sure I would but I gotta protect my hair!"

Priorities, girl, priorities.

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