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It's one of the most anticipated pairings of the year, right? Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan in Drive. She's already talked about how her job was to fall in love with him during filming, and we've seen their quiet, intense interaction fueled by smiles and quick glances.

Just have a look at this (seriously) awesome new Drive trailer, but be warned: Thanks to a few bloody punches, this clip is slightly NSFW. But if you're ready to see this team in action, check it out:

In a year full of explosions and in your face 3-D, Drive is teasing something unique: edge-of-your-seat tension with subtle performances and good old-fashioned action. Could this really be an action movie for adults?

Gosling is playing the classic antihero, rarely speaking above a whisper and always in control of the most minute movement. And it's precisely that delivery and pacing that keeps us hinged to every scene.

Plus, with a stellar supporting cast made up of Christina Hendricks, Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston, Albert Brooks and Sons of Anarchy's Ron Perlman this flick is nothing but A game.

Drive hits theaters Sept. 16. Does it have you all revved up?

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