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Comic-Con 2011 Tile

Everybody's favorite Amazon failed to survive her costume makeover and ultimately wound up out of TV gig.

Now she and the red boots can't even hack it online.

A day after several clips from David E. Kelley's failed Wonder Woman for NBC pilot starring Adrianne Palicki leaked on the Internet, websites such as Ain't It Cool News and Daily Motion were ordered to remove the scenes.

So what gives?

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Offiically the clips were ordered yanked because they failed to meet the terms of use—i.e., the show's producers didn't give permission for the release.

But we have a sneaking suspicion the powers that be didn't want anyone to notice just how dreadful the show looked.

One featured a fast-paced sequence in which Wonder Woman runs down a baddie and included some seriously deficient CG effects.

And that failed to win over fanboys, like rsanta74 on Ain't It Cool News who  trashed the clips: "It [sic] just go into nerd rage when I see something potentially so cool being pissed all over." Another commenter, mojococo, weighed in with this gem: "that was horribad."

Probably a good thing the pilot never went to air.

And with Comic-Con going on this week, we're guessing that DC Comics doesn't want Kelley's less-than-wonderful version of one of its most venerable characters clashing with the publisher's high-profile reboot of the comic franchise.

A rep for Warner Bros. Television was not immediately available for comment on the mass removal.

But for your viewing, um, pleasure (at least until they tell us to take it down), check out this clip we dug up of Wonder Woman getting past security (courtesy of Movieweb).

Because somebody has to.

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