When you're one of the world's most photographed women, the last thing you need is a nasty skin rash. Kinda puts a damper on the whole livelihood thing. Not to mention your pending nuptials!

So when Kim Kardashian comes up scratchin' in this sneak peek from Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, it's no wonder she's concerned enough to pay a visit to her dermatologist.

Especially after Dr. Khloé has diagnosed it as a case of...



...Ringworm. Yecch!

Psoriasis? Sounds bad. But thank God it's not ringworm. Whatever that is.

Now, about the doc's suggested treatment: Cut back on the stress and the travel, lead a slower-paced life? Come on, we're talking Kim Kardashian here! You know, the one with the wedding just a round the corner.

What's your prescription? Sound off in our poll!

Kim's Rx
What's best for Ms. K right now?
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