Comic-Con 2011 Tile

He may have surprised the crowd by hitting up Comic-Con, but Justin Timberlake didn't stop there. He and Amanda Seyfried stopped to chat with our own Ben Lyons about their new action thriller In Time.

But Amanda ended up dropping a few hints on what she thinks of J.T.'s musical past.

First though, a little info on that flick: Set in a time where people stop aging at 25 and have to work to earn time, Justin plays a working-class guy barely making enough new time to make it to the next day. After an encounter with a wealthy man who doesn't want his century time anymore and a sneaky switch, Will now has all the time in the world.

"I'm super proud of it," Amanda said. "When I read the script and I met Andrew, I was done, I was like 'I wanna be a part of this'. I know it's going to be super cool and an amazing concept. No one's ever done it this way."

But we just had to ask Amanda the tough question: Did she have any posters of Justin on her walls when she was a kid? "I'm not gonna say the bands' name, but there were a few. Some of them were really bad. At lease this guy was part of one of the better ones." We're gonna take that to mean she had some 'N Sync-free walls growing up.

Check out the video for more on Justin's plans for MySpace!

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