Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes

Courtesy of Palms

Is it that surprising?

LeAnn Rimes has done a lot more for the sake of love, so moving to Chicago with hubby Eddie Cibrian doesn't exactly strike us as a shocker.

So what's making her leave beautiful Los Angeles? (Stop being mean, of course we care.)

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Her duty to be a committed and loyal wife, duh!

Cibrian's upcoming TV series, The Playboy Club, is shooting in the Windy City, so his other half is going along for the ride.

She tweets, "3 sets of toiletries, 3 sets of clothes. Starting Thursday our time is split between LA, Chicago & The World! I'm ready!

"All great things! ...Boxes are a go for Chicago! Very excited for our new adventure! Lots of flying back & forth, but well worth it! Beyond proud of my husband."

Wait, so she'll be back?

Anyway, we hear Chicago is a lovely place with some great food. Let's hope she utilizes that.

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