Casey Anthony, Check; AP Photo/Joe Burbank

The question on everyone's mind after her acquittal for murdering her infant daughter: will Casey Anthony dare cash in on her notoriety? Despite being forced into hiding after receiving death threats, the answer appears to be yes.

We guess somebody's gotta pay for the bodyguards.

A freelance television producer claims that he met with the so-called "Tot Mom" in Palm Springs, Calif., earlier this week and offered to pay her $1 million for her story.

In an interview with HLN's Nancy Grace, Al Taylor says he sat down with Anthony Tuesday morning at an undisclosed hote to try and close a deal for an exclusive pay-per-view-style sit-down.

"We want to do an interview with her and we know what the boycott possibilities are here in the United States," Taylor said, adding that he and his team will "probably have to sell it overseas and then [give] it away here so no one can boycott it."

Of Anthony's demeanor, Taylor said she seemed "surprisingly normal after all she's been through."

After a sarcastic comment from Grace accusing Anthony of "lounging in a private cell with snacks that her admirers paid for," Taylor replied, "The first thing [Anthony] said when we had the meeting was 'where's my check?'

"I  tried to explain to her that we're willing to put a $50,000 deposit down and then sign the contract and then put the rest in escrow, but obviously we can't give her the million dollars and say 'see you in a week.'," he said. "I don't quite trust her for that."

Taylor refused to comment on whether her defense attorney, Jose Baez, was with her and also declined to divulge what she was wearing when quizzed by Grace (so fashion conscious, Nancy!)

"She's a normal individual, a good personality and a lot of spunk," Taylor said, though conceding he wasn't sure Grace would like her.

In a separate interview on Dr. Drew Pinsky's HLN show, Taylor said that he wants "to hook her up to a lie detector" after they do the Q&A. Needless to say, Anthony didn't exactly embrace that idea.

A million dollars might change her mind.

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