Kate Bosworth

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Dear Ted:
Where was Kate Bosworth when Alexander Skarsgård got his doctorate at Leeds? You'd think if your hunky boyfriend were becoming Dr. Skarsgård you'd be sure to be there to support him, right? I wouldn't buy "working" as an excuse because I'm sure she'd be able to get two days off to head over to be with him.

Dear AWOL:
Mmm. "Dr. Skarsgård." I really like the sound of that. And as for his lovely other half, Ms. Bosworth may not have bothered to disrupt her busy schedule but we're sure she sent her love from across the pond.

Dear Ted:
If there was a tell-all Twilight book, which one person would be most worried about what could be written?

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Dear Twi-Tell All:
Well, the Twi cast isn't an innocent bunch to begin with, so I'm sure they'd all be a tad on edge if this were ever to be published. And it totally should, this is gold. Maybe Robert Pattinson.

Dear Ted:
Tom Sturridge
has been wearing his beard for quite a while now. Do you think that his all too famous friend might follow suit, if he hasn't done so already?

Dear Beard Buddies
As you can see from Rob and Tom's recent stroll, he may be rocking the scruff but Rob is def still beard-free. But I'm sure Rob would continue to look scrumptious no matter how much facial hair he decides to don.

Dear Ted:
What's going on with Penn Badgley and Zoë Kravitz? A lot of sites are saying that they're an item.

Dear Just Friends:
We're declaring this rumor hearsay, at least for now. Zoe is still supposedly dating metal-manipulator Michael Fassbender after all. Besides it makes total sense for Penn to be cozying up to Zoe. Papa Kravitz would probably be a legit mentor for Penn to have in regard to his Jeff Buckley role.

Dear Ted:
Is Debbie Doobie someone who has always been overshadowed by a female costar?

Dear Dubious Doobie:
Nope, Debbie and all her fake glitz have always managed to sufficiently outshine all her (immediate) fellow fakers.

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