Comic-Con 2011 Tile

Fans of hilarity and fun packed Ballroom 20 for Warehouse 13's return to Comic-Con Friday. To see why, check out the season-three sizzle reel previewed for the live audience at the show's panel, which also showcases some upcoming guest stars (Star Trek's Jeri Ryan! The return of Jaime Murray as H.G. Wells and Eureka's Neil Grayston in another Fargo crossover episode!) and the team's newest member, Steve Jinx (Aaron Ashmore).

Syfy's new superhero series Alphas—the third show in its Powerful Mondays lineup—also made its first appearance at Comic-Con Friday, and we've got the trailer their panel viewed too!

Get a sneak peek of what lucky fans will see, and stay tuned here for all our Comic-Con coverage!

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