Ryan Dunn is gone, but not forgotten.

The Jackass star and host of G4's Proving Ground was killed in a car accident last month, and tonight, Attack of the Show devoted a special segment to the late daredevil and member of the network family.

AOTS host Kevin Pereira noted that Dunn's decision to get behind the wheel after drinking was a "horrible" one, but he also said it was not a decision that should define a life that was otherwise devoted to entertaining and making people laugh.

"He was so funny and made the most out of any situation," noted pal Tony Hawk. "He just had an awesome perspective on life."

Jackass cohort Bam Margera, who was admittedly devastated by Dunn's death, said that there's not a day that goes by that he doesn't think of him.

"He was willing to do whatever it takes [to make people laugh]," Margera recalled. "I think we liked hearing people say that we're crazy."

The tribute also included dozens of clips featuring Dunn in all manner of outfits, from scuba gear to drag, and taking on all sorts of challenges and stunts.

"If you need to prove something, call me," he entreated his audience.

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