Sean Bean


After refusing treatment for stab wounds in a bad-ass bar fight, Sean Bean's proved he's got the guts to be king.

Or at least play a king. The Game of Thrones actor is just the latest celeb to jump on the Snow White bandwagon, but as you may have heard, there are two of these children's tales competing for the box office.

So which Snow White side did Bean pick, Relativity or Universal?

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Well, Sean won't be dealing with Twi-hards.

S.B. went with Relativity's oh-so-creatively named Untitled Snow White, but trust, he's still got plenty of celebs to rule over, like Julia Roberts, Lily Collins, Armie Hammer and Nathan Lane, to name a few.

The dude's way used to dressing up in armor and wielding a sword too, ‘cause ever since his Lord of the Rings days, Bean's been doing the medieval fantasy thang with roles in Black Death and Game of Thrones.

Still, S.B.'s more used to playing (and being) much scruffier than this royal role, so we def can't wait to see this guy clean up a bit. Once he heals those stab wounds, that is.

Sean recently got clawed up at a bar while protecting his Playboy girlfriend, April Summers—who's 30 years his junior. He refused to go to the hospital, instead taking a first-aid kit from the bar staff and ordering another drink.

So S.B. can take on a drunken mate, but is the macho guy ready to take on his Evil Queen (aka Julia herself)? Looks like we're gonna have to wait ‘till 2012 to find out.

Until then, check out Sean's über-hot girlfriend.

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