One thing is certain about Cowboys & Aliens star Harrison Ford: The man has a work ethic and isn't looking to quit.

We caught up with the big-screen icon in Montana and had a deep one-on-one with the famously soft-spoken star. And one famous, whip-wielding archaeologist just happened to come up in conversation...

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When asked if there was a character from the past that he wishes he could revisit, Ford didn't hesitate: "I wouldn't mind another shot at Indiana Jones," he said.

"I still think we have a chance of making a really good one." Hmmm, are Steven Spielberg and George Lucas' ears burning? Perhaps Shia LaBeouf's as well?

And while Ford is all for donning the fedora once again, one thing he has no interest in is directing. "There's no harder job in the world than directing a movie," he says. "It's unbelievably difficult; it's unbelievably challenging. Draining. I've got a nice job where I come in and I do my little thing and I go away.

"I didn't do this because I wanted a real job. I wanted to dress up and make believe!"

Check out the video for more from Ford on working with hottie Olivia Wilde and why he wants to be just like Daniel Craig when he grows up. Hint: He may not be entirely serious.

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