Jennifer Lopez

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Dear Ted:
I am sitting in front of my laptop with my jaw unhinged. Did Jennifer Lopez really shove Mary-Louise Parker out of the way in an effort to meet the royals in L.A.? I read on another site that MLP was quoted as saying she did not get to meet the royals because J.Lo shoved her out of the way. I've always suspected that J.Lo's girl-next-door attitude was bologny. Is she this ruthless?

Dear Butt-In Babe:
MLP said it, all right. You can't really blame Jenny (and her mama) too much tho, I'd be knockin' people over to chat with the hottie prince if I had to find a new man, too! Kidding, but do not underestimate our J.Lo, who, by the way, is a total horror from the block, manners-wise. And if you're really put out that J.Lo can show her claws when she wants to, then you need to reassess your Idol-lovin' sitch, 'cause La Jennifer has never kept her diva-tude too secret.

Dear Ted:
My question is about a couple who we don't see very often in the tabloids. What is the deal with Faith Hill and Tim McGraw? Are they are solid as they seem? They have been married a long time (in Hollywood measurement) and they have three children. Any gossip there?

Dear Country Crock:
Sure there's goss, but nothing too juicy. Well, nothing Vice-worthy, at least. There are definitely some country crooners that fit the juicy bill, but it ain't Faith and her hubby, dammit. They're just a gorgeous, old married boring couple, sorry to say.

Dear Ted:
I heard that Jensen Ackles will once more be directing an episode of Supernatural this season. Might this mean one of my prime pieces of eye candy is planning on make the move to behind the scenes work once the show runs its course?

Dear Camera Shy:
I don't think Jensen will completely ditch the boob-tube scene once Supernatural gets slayed, but it's always good to have backup options. If I'm being honest tho, I think Jared Padalecki has the best shot at making it big post-CW. He's got that whole action-star hunk thing going on.

Dear Ted:
Do you know anything about the supposed project that Taylor Lautner is working on with Gus Van Sant and Dustin Lance Black? Or is he just dating Dustin? Just curious. Unlike a lot of people, I happen to love Taylor and think he is extremely dedicated and talented.

Dear Gay for Pay:
Just because he's seen out on the town with a powerful H'wood gay doesn't mean that Tay is into the dudes these days. It was biz, not pleasure that brought these two together. And I approve. It'll be interesting to see if T.L. can break away from the Tom Cruise-lite stuff that he otherwise seems destined for.

Dear Ted:
Anna Kendrick
is so talented and lucky. She is the only original Twilight star who I think has an Oscar nom. Now she is going to be in a film with Joe Manganiello who I think is a favorite of yours. It's called What to Expect When You're Expecting. Is Joe still engaged?

Dear Anna Getcha Man:
Trust, we heart Miss Kendrick and love that she's linking up to some A-list projects post-Twilight. But don't get your hopes up that she'll bring any onscreen romance home with her. Especially not with Joe. Have you seen that fiancée of his? Drop-dead gorgeous. He'd be an idiot to leave her—and he knows that.

Dear Ted:
I feel like sloppy Paulie Pecker is an NBC TV actor. Is he B.J. Novak from The Office?

Dear Horn Dawg:
Good guess, M. And while both dudes have got that same sorta-cocky swagger, B.J. isn't our way-public PDAer.

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