Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux

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Dear Ted:
You defended Jennifer Aniston by saying "it's totally different" with her and Justin Theroux because Justin wasn't married to his live-in GF, Heidi Bivens, and Brad and Jen were married when Brad left Jen for Angelina Jolie. Just because two people aren't married doesn't mean that their relationship isn't as significant as people who are married. Furthermore, Justin and his GF were in a relationship longer than Brad and Jen were together in total. I personally feel bad for Justin's ex who was totally left in the dust with the rug pulled out from under her.

Dear Big Love:
Thanks for the lesson in romance. And I agree that Justin and Heidi's 14-year relationship shouldn't be overlooked. But if their relationship was so solid, he wouldn't have ditched her. Just sayin'. Ultimately, I do realize this same reasoning bounces right back to how things were with Brad and Jen, when he first met Angelina. But let's just say there was more subterfuge at work in that scenario. Lots.

Dear Ted:
Could Robert Pattinson be two-faced? I mean, he seems all sweet, polite and humble, but he is an actor after all. He could be the opposite when cameras aren't around to monitor him. What do you think?

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Dear Pressing About Pattinson:
He may always appear charming (and he is) but, my dear, there is always two-sides to every Hollywood story and R. Pattz's is certainly no exception. I've certainly met bigger two-faces, I'll tell ya that much, though.

Dear Ted:
Does Trevor Donovan have a Blind Vice? He seems a bit Ken Doll-ish, but there must be something Vicey hidden under that tan and those six-pack abs.

Dear Vi:
Donovan may be the resident eye candy for 90210, but, he's a mere wannabe when it comes to the Blind Vice Hall of Fame. Nothing to induct him for, as yet.

Dear Ted:
The Twyla Vice doesn't fit anyone in the Twi-cast but Kristen Stewart, and you've said twice now that Terry Tush-Trade is far more famous than Twyla. I'm scratching my head for any Twi castmember who is far more famous than Kristen.

Dear Twyla-Terry Trumped:
Maybe because there isn't.

Dear Ted:
With the end of Harry Potter coming, I was wondering if you could tell me a little more about the very handsome Matthew Lewis. He seems like a very cool, down-to-earth guy, but does he have any Vices?

Dear Lover of Longbottom:
Matty has quite the same rep as his H.P. counterpart, relatively boring, simple and Vice-free. I dunno. Something tells me young male Hollywood is paling in comparison to young female H'wood types these days. Who knew?

Dear Ted:
I just heard the news that Jensen Ackles will once again be directing an episode of Supernatural this season. Do you think it's a sign he's considering getting out of the acting gig and slipping behind the camera in the long run? And if so, how much do you think his Vice and distaste for the limelight have to do with that decision?

Dear Behind the Camera:
It's become quite common for actors and actresses to direct episodes because they want the experience, not necessarily because they want to ditch their career as an actor. Who knows, he might become one of those multitalented people in H'wood who do everything. And I do mean everything.

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