Kelly Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne, Shazza Dazzla Ring

Brian To/WireImage

Losing jewelry is devastating to any woman.

Now imagine it was a 10-carat diamond Tiffany band ring that wasn't just lost, but stolen right in front of you!

That's what happened to Sharon Osbourne in 2004, but we're happy to say that Ozzy's wife has been reunited with her rock—thanks to a TV show.

Sharon was so distraught after the loss of her ring, she had put up a £100,000 reward for its return, and someone was paying attention.

The Sun reports that the ring, worth £2million, was featured on the BBC1 show Crimewatch.

Presenter Kirsty Young said, "Let's just talk about this little beauty here, quite a bobby dazzler...If you recognize that incredible 10-carat ring or anything else, call the studio now."

Three hours later, one of Kelly Osbourne's Twitter followers sent her a tweet to Crimewatch's website.

And just like magic, the two best friends (that's what diamonds are, right?) were together again.

Kelly tweeted, "Thank you crime watch my mum is over the moon thats here wedding ring she cried with joy because she can get it back! Thank you!"

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