Matthew Bellamy, Kate Hudson

Humberto Carreno/

That David Beckham really is a trendsetter, isn't he? Because now fellow proud papa and Kate Hudson baby daddy Matt Bellamy has made like the celebrity super dad and taken to social media to announce the name of his recent arrival.

The Muse rocker and his fiancée held off on announcing the name of their son, born Saturday, amid reports that they were still mulling over the most suitable moniker.

And let's just remind ourselves of the bar she's set: her oldest son, 7-year-old Ryder Russell Robinson, has a name that's not only alliterative, but pays homage to papa Kurt Russell. So…did she sneak in a similar tribute this time around?


"So happy!" new dad Bellamy beamed on Twitter this morning. "Just had a baby boy, Bingham 'Bing' Hawn Bellamy. Born 7lb 12oz, on 9th July."

There's no word on what inspired them to go with "Bingham," but the "Hawn," at least, is pretty self-explanatory, and a touching nod to Kate's movie star mama, Goldie.

"Mum and baby are strong and healthy," the rocker continued. "Mum was a warrior, Bing popped out after 4.5 hours of intense pushing!"

Yikes. Forget the name, that's one thing that was definitely worth the wait. Congrats, you two!

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