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    Look Out, London! Kelly Osbourne Fights Crime, Looks Good Doing It

    Turns out, it's not just fashion that Kelly Osbourne is an expert at policing. Mean streets of London, consider yourselves warned.

    The resident E! fashionista turned into a one-woman crime-fighting machine this week, after successfully thwarting not one but two car thefts. Criminy! If this whole fashion critic and movie actor thing doesn't work out, Miss Kelly O certainly seems to have a future in vigilante work.

    So what happened? And just how did Kelly deter the criminals?

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    "Just stopped 2 boys robbing a car all I said was 'oi' and they ran like the wind," she tweeted Monday. "I did not realize I was that scary!"

    Well, if she didn't realize it then, she certainly must've later that night when, for the second time in the span of just a few hours, she thwarted another pair of hooligans.

    "WTF is going on tonight just stopped 2 boys with lacrosse sticks trying to push Gee-Wizz car on it's side what's wrong with London #police?" she wrote, referring to the mini electric vehicles.

    "I'm in one of the poshest parts of London and it's like f--king crime watch!"

    But according to Osbourne, justice avenger extraordinaire, not all would-be crimes are created equal.

    "You know what I get the first 2 with the state of the economy but the 2 rich twats with there lacrosse sticks disgust me more stupid twats!"

    Her rightfully proud mother, Sharon Osbourne, confirmed the robbery-thwarting to E! News, explaining that her daughter was sitting in a friend's garden in London late at night when she noticed the first pair attempting to break into a car. She "screamed at them," and they immediately fled the scene.

    And if they thought that was intimidating, just wait'll they hear her rip apart their outfits. That's our girl!

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