Turns out, it's not just fashion that Kelly Osbourne is an expert at policing. Mean streets of London, consider yourselves warned.

The resident E! fashionista turned into a one-woman crime-fighting machine this week, after successfully thwarting not one but two car thefts. Criminy! If this whole fashion critic and movie actor thing doesn't work out, Miss Kelly O certainly seems to have a future in vigilante work.

So what happened? And just how did Kelly deter the criminals?

"Just stopped 2 boys robbing a car all I said was 'oi' and they ran like the wind," she tweeted Monday. "I did not realize I was that scary!"

Well, if she didn't realize it then, she certainly must've later that night when, for the second time in the span of just a few hours, she thwarted another pair of hooligans.

"WTF is going on tonight just stopped 2 boys with lacrosse sticks trying to push Gee-Wizz car on it's side what's wrong with London #police?" she wrote, referring to the mini electric vehicles.

"I'm in one of the poshest parts of London and it's like f--king crime watch!"

But according to Osbourne, justice avenger extraordinaire, not all would-be crimes are created equal.

"You know what I get the first 2 with the state of the economy but the 2 rich twats with there lacrosse sticks disgust me more stupid twats!"

Her rightfully proud mother, Sharon Osbourne, confirmed the robbery-thwarting to E! News, explaining that her daughter was sitting in a friend's garden in London late at night when she noticed the first pair attempting to break into a car. She "screamed at them," and they immediately fled the scene.

And if they thought that was intimidating, just wait'll they hear her rip apart their outfits. That's our girl!

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