Gilligan's Island Cast


Just sit right back, and you'll hear a tale of the greatest Gilligan's Islands. So says us.

Your list may vary, and that's OK. The late Sherwood Schwartz made 'em all, and that's what counts today.

Let the countdown begin:

1. "The Producer": You read Hamlet in high school; you commit the castaways' musical version to memory long before that. Shakespeare might not exactly have written, "From Ophelia, no one can steal ya…," but he should have: It's catchy. 

2. "Don't Bug the Mosquitoes": Ginger, Mary Ann and a game Mrs. Howell bring Beatlemania to the unchartered desert island in the form of the Honey Bees, and the group's debut single, "You Need Us." Yeah, yeah, yeah.

3. "Beauty Is as Beauty Does": The guys, save for the innocent Gilligan, get all drooly, and sponsor the gals in a beauty pageant. That's the sexist part. The good part is the Professor sponsors Mary Ann, and the supercouple that should've been briefly is. 

4. "Pass the Vegetables, Please": The castaways eat giant, weird-looking vegetables grown from radioactive seeds, and gain superpowers. Is it funny? Yes. But even better, it's a preview of sports' steroids era. Seriously, people, Gilligan gets juiced

5. "Smile, You're on Mars Camera": If there is one episode above all others where Gilligan should've been clubbed to death by the other Minnow survivors for blowing their collective shot at rescue, then this is it. Suffice to say, chicken feathers, glue and a live NASA shot do not mix.

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