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Dear Ted:
Are the dating rumors about Leighton Meester and Garrett Hedlund true? They are rarely seen together, other than when they were promoting Country Strong, but the rumors remain. What I really want to know is if Leighton and Ed Westwick have ever hooked up? They seem like good friends, but with chemistry like they have on the show, how can there not be something more there?

Dear Gossip Girl Gossiper:
Leighton and Garrett may have had the trailers rocking a bit during filming (and maybe a few times afterward), but they are both free birds at the moment. And as for Chair's real-life counterparts, Leighton and Ed have some serious sparks onscreen, obvi, but sadly, the chemistry ends there.

Dear Ted:
I saw Rob Lowe being interviewed at a function for the royals last week, and he said he admired William for leading his life with dignity (I agree!). But the cynic in me got to wondering if Rob was a good one to make that call. We all know he got Vicey (and not in a Blind way) at the Democratic Convention in '88, but has he earned a nickname in recent years?
—Old enough to remember

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Dear Lobbying for Lowe:
Rob def got his hands dirty back in the day...ahem, you know, the whole sex-tape-with-an-underage-girl thing. But ever since his not-so glory days, Mr. Lowe has rebounded with a surprisingly strong career. You've got to give credit to a guy who can mock his own scandals on SNL—even if he didn't give us all the dirt in his recent autobiography.

Dear Ted:
What can you tell us about the news that Dianna Agron is dating Sebastian Stan? It's true or just a rumor? And what about Alex Pettyfer? Is he seeing someone else, or is he still thinking of Ms. Agron (who looks like she moves fast in that department)?

Dear Stagron:
As of now, the rumors surrounding the Agron and Stan dating business are proving to be true. Mr. Pettyfer, on the other hand, remains aloof. Can't say I'm surprised; he seems like more a play-the-field kind of d-bag. Oops, pardon my bad French.

Dear Ted:
Thank you for your article promoting that Casey Anthony just go away! I could not agree more. We do not need to hear more from this person, nor do we need to promote her any further, or turn her into some sort of a "celebrity." It sickens me that she would (or, likely, will) try to gain off her daughter's death. I personally plan to avoid anything this person tries to promote. She is toxic and it turns my stomach just to think that she avoided years of jail time.

Dear Preach:
You took the words out of my mouth, sista. Though even to state these opinions, keep in mind, still gives that witch some press.

Dear Ted:
How do you know King Schlong had sex with another man? By himself or the man whom he had sex with?

Dear B.V. Curious:
Perhaps both?

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