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    Can Sex Appeal Win Sarah Palin the White House?

    Sarah Palin, Newsweek Newsweek

    What do you look for in a president?

    Knowledge about foreign policy? At least someone who reads the news? According to Sarah Palin, she only needs to know about those dang Russians, and how can you ask her such a thing!

    But a nice rack? Now you betcha that's important, America.

    This issue of Newsweek features an, um, ample Sarah Palin discussing her possible (aka guaranteed) run for the 2012 presidency. And this isn't the first time she's flaunted her looks while gearing up for a big political race:

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    Sarah Palin, Newsweek Newsweek

    Check out an even skimpier Sarah in 2009! Must admit, the gal does have some nice gams. Tho we sense some spray tan seshes in that Alaskan snow Sarah's always hunting moose in.

    Palin also ditched her governor position to start up that reality show all about her down-home country life, because that'll really show us how competent she can be as Commander-in-Chief!

    We can just see the presidential debates right now...

    "How will you solve the economic crisis, Mrs. Palin?"

    "Oh, I betcha those economists right there just need a good lookin' Alaskan woman to get in there and solve that little problem right there, maybe with a bikini car wash or moose-burger sale!"

    Hey, we're scared, OK?

    Don't judge us for our Palin nightmares. Let's just hope her reality career takes off and she forgets about this whole "president" idea.

    In the meantime, we're admiring that, uh, smile of hers.

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