Hunter Parrish, Lindsay Sloane

Jordin Althaus/SHOWTIME; Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images

Hunter Parrish has never been shy about showing off his bod.

But the Weeds hottie apparently takes it to a whole new level on tonight's episode of the Showtime series by leaving very little to the imagination.

How so?

Read on for the details...

Aspiring model Silas (Parrish) is hired by a conceptual artist named by Maxine (Horrible Bosses actress Lindsay Sloane) to strip down for her gallery opening.

"He has muscles on muscles," Sloane tells me. "It's crazy what you're going to see. You don't get to see the full monty, but you get to see the full full body in tiny tiny white skimpy bikini underwear.

"He really stepped it up this season body-wise," she continued. "He has a beautiful swimmer's/dancers body. That was actually the first scene I shot, so not a bad day at the office."

Sloane's multi-episode arc also includes naughty time with Justin Kirk. "It's the most naked I've ever been in front of a crew," Sloane said.

And then there's Sloane's work with Jason Sudeikis in the upcoming A Good Old Fashioned Orgy. "There is an orgy," she said. "It's not just called that so people will talk about it.

"I am a serious actress," she added, laughing. "If I have to show up to work and have fake sex with Jason Sudeikis, I will do it for the craft because I am an artist."

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