Jenelle Evans

GSI Media

It's tough to be Jenelle Evans.

The Teen Mom 2 star rushed to the Brunswick County Hospital in North Carolina after feeling as though her appendix was ready to blow in the middle of the night.

"heading to the hospital, i think my appendix are about to rupture. ;[ been up since 2am crying," she posted on her Facebook fan page.

However, it turned out to be something else...

Evans was released from the hospital earlier today and updated her Facebook fans on what was really the problem.

"soooo i had an ovarian cyst. :[ they cant even cut it out or anything. they said nothing helps and ill get this pain everytime i have my period and just take pain meds. ;/ i feel like i have cancer because there is like no cure. ;["

Well, although cysts suck, we're pretty sure it's not as bad as cancer.

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