Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William Duke of Cambridge, Kate Middleton

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Prince William and Kate Middleton are to touch down in Los Angeles this very afternoon, but you have to wonder if the United States leg of the royal visit isn't ill-timed.

Coming, as it is, right smack dab in the middle of America's summer of the Anthonys.

Casey and Weiner.


The two scandal magnets—one, the Nancy Grace-bedeviling "Tot Mom," the other, the world's most-inept tweeter—are enough to repel anyone. So, why wouldn't they turn off William and Kate, too?

It could be argued that the royals would be more turned by the Caseys than the average international tourist.

A random guy from France, after all, isn't going to be quizzed on whether he followed Casey Anthonys made-for-Headline News murder trial and acquittal.

The future King of England might be.

A random woman from Spain isn't going to be asked whether she kept tabs on Anthony Weiner's penchant for semi-clothed texting. 

The showstopping Duchess of Cambridge might be.

Sure, it's doubtful that either royal will be put to the test, especially for topics so divorced from their lives and concerns, but it's not impossible.

So, why bother? Why shouldn't the newlyweds just wing it straight back to back to quiet, peaceful Britain for a spot of tea, and a relaxing read with the Sunday News of the World.

On second thought…

Maybe the summer of the Anthonys isn't so bad.

Especially if it has a William and a Kate in it.

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