Keanu Reeves, The Matrix, Chris Pine, Star Trek, District 9, Daniel Craig, Cowboys and Aliens

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Sci-fi movies have always been an epic part of our pop culture, and with hotties like Daniel Craig starring in this summer's Cowboys and Aliens, we just had to spotlight the genre's top hunks. From the original Star Trek to the latest Kirk (Chris Pine) and mysterious guys like Neo, these hotties almost have you running to the nearest sci-fi convention...almost.

So get out your 3-D glasses, read up on your space-alien theories and prepare yourself for the next post-apocalyptic story plot because we've got the finalists that made our list of the Hunkiest Hotties of Science Fiction!

Think of it as a hunky appetizer for our Comic-Con livestreams, which you know are going to be flooded with sexy sci-fi stars.

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