Jennifer Aniston

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Dear Ted:
I think Jennifer Aniston is the female version of George Clooney. Maybe she just wants to live her life, have fun and stay single. How come everyone wants to see her get married and pregnant all the time? If Clooney can be a "ladies' man," can't she be accepted as a swinging bachelorette? How come there's no equality here?

Dear Single Ladies:
Seriously! I'm so over the mopefest that Jen's been getting from the world. She's a strong woman and there's no need to feel sorry for the gorgeous girl. Jen's already established she's Miss Independent. The gal should be free get down like George whenever she wants to. And she just might want to.

Dear Ted:
Do you think any of the Glee cast like Mark Salling or Dianna Agron had a clue that Chord Overstreet was being dropped? Are there any other Glee kids in trouble of being dropped before graduation?

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Dear Gleek:
Well, babe, you never know when Ryan Murphy will get bored again, but I'd say the remaining castmembers can breathe easy...until graduation that is. When, as you know most of New Directions is getting the axe. As for Chord and his untimely pink slip, the lack of comment or even sympathetic tweets from the seemingly tight cast is raising some serious eyebrows.

Dear Ted:
Is it really true about the Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli split? That Perez Hilton guy has it on his site but I never believe anything he says. Please let us know the truth. Thanks. P.S. Stay away from that anti-smoking drug Chantix, just had it on CNN that it can cause heart problems.

Dear Doctor:
Thanks for the tip, hun. As for this other heads-up, it's so not true. Even their reps denied it. The couple are totally still together and even going on a family vacation to the Maldives and Dubai next week! They also just returned from a Disney cruise in Europe with their kiddos. No trouble in paradise here!

Dear Ted:
Just how little is David Duchovny's grossly unpredictable Schwarzenegger thing? Like "almost-three" little? I've always wondered...

Dear Teeny Weenie:
I think so itty bitty. And I so like your thinking!

Dear Ted:
Can you please give more info on Alexander Skarsgård's vices. At least a hint? Throw a girl a bone please...

Dear Skars Lover:
Let's just say he's unafraid in the sexiest way possible and doesn't care who notices. Totally hot, right?

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