Zac Efron, Ashley Tisdale

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Dear Ted:
I recently discovered my infatuation with Zac Efron, so after seeing the infamous photos from Ashley Tisdale's B-day party in Malibu, I was wondering: Are they more than Disney friends?

Dear Team Tefron:
Sorry, babe, but Ashley already has a man: music vid director Scott Speer. And while these two are way cutesy together (and I could totally see Ash being Zac's post-Vanessa GF), they're just besties for now. A's BF must be a pretty confident dude tho—have you seen Zac's abs lately?

Dear Ted:
Just saw the new Transformers movie, and kudos to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She totally rocked her role. No cringe-worthy acting in sight. Who knew? So I've read that Rosie and her oh-so-delectable costar Shia LaBeouf have Blind Vices. Can you throw me a bone about such Vices? Please? Pretty, pretty please?
—KK, Krissy, and Sophie the Dog

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Dear Optimus Vice:
While I've heard plenty of bitching otherwise, glad you liked the flick (and Ms. H-W, of course). As for these two's Vices, neither would be that surprising, tho I'm sure Rosie's might raise a few eyebrows. That said, hers is sexy (duh) and his is douchey (double duh).

Dear Ted:
I finally figured out Kristen Stewart's Blind Vice. It's Lorin Sniffle-Puss, isn't it? Because you said K.Stew is into men so her Vice has to be drugs. Am I right?

Dear Stew The Pot:
Interesting guess, but totally off this time. Sorry, Shak! Trust, there are plenty of different Vice types besides just dudes or drugs. You're going to have to sniff around (tho, not in the way Lorin does) to find K.Stew's delicious little secret. Better luck next time!

Dear Ted:
I was wondering if you could tell me if the cast of Pretty Little Liars have any Vices and if George Lopez has a Vice? By the way my little Chihuahuas Adam and Eve said hey.

Dear Puppy Love:
What a random collection of Vice suspects, C. Heck no, George does not have a Vice. And none of those pretty little ladies do either. They may have some not-so-nice behavior, but nothing has pinged my radar yet. Kisses to your pooches!

Dear Ted:
I hope you'll pick my question even tho it's not about Robsten. With David Duchovny and Téa Leoni separated again, what do you think about a rekindled romance between our infamous duo Gillovny? They are supposed to meet for a charity event in L.A. on July 30. Would you put any money on it? Or is it just not meant to be anymore?

Dear Let It Go:
Though I doubt it highly, I wouldn't put anything past Duchovny. He's got a little of that grossly unpredictable Schwarzenegger thing to him.

Dear Ted:
In reference to your latest King Schlong B.V., do you think Schlong will end things with his sexting partners, or is this perennial cheater going to keep on doing the naughty behind his girlfriend's back?

Dear Schlong-a-Long:
If he hasn't stopped his sexalicious ways yet, I doubt he has any plans of doing it any time soon—he's a H'wood A-lister, after all. I'm sure he has an unlimited text plan. Why bother stopping when his not-so-bright broad will still schtupe him?

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