Are you guys digging this season of Hawthorne? Our own Michael Yo just hit the set for scoop from star Jada Pinkett Smith, and she told us, "This year we're dealing with a lot of adult issues. Christina goes on a tremendous journey. So it's not going to be that same flow from the last two years. " Hmmm...what do you think that means?

Plus, Smith teased big twists for Kelly (Vanessa Lengies) and Camille (Hannah Hodson), explained the significance of the return of Marc Anthony's sexy Nick, and talked about how her character's pregnancy brought her own babies to mind:

So will Christina Hawthorne's pregnancy inspire Jada Pinkett Smith to have more babies? No way, said Smith. "The shop is closed!"

However, the installation of Anthony as a regular does open up big possibilties for the show. Smith tells us, "Bringing him in this year really changed the dynamic of the show." Anthony adds, "Once we landed on an arc [for Nick] for this season, I know that it was going to be fun and challenging and everything…It just had anything and everything, and we wanted to push the envelope so I knew that I was in, all in."

Hawthorne airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on TNT. What's your fave part of the show?

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