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Adele's tour will soon be rolling again.

Just last month, the Grammy winner was forced to postpone the remaining dates on her North American trek due to a bad case of laryngitis.

But thankfully the British singer's fans won't have to wait much longer for her to belt out those hits.

The "Rolling in the Deep" songstress will be heading back to the United States in August to resume her tour, and then return to the U.K.—where she's spent the last month recovering from her illness—for another set of performances in September.

Adele revealed the good news while chatting Tuesday morning on BBC Radio 1.

"It's basically a hole in your vocal chord, but I sang through it, so that's why it popped," the 23-year-old star explained. "But I'm better now. It's fine—I got the all-clear."

In fact, Adele already proved she's back to her old self when she took the stage at a gay pride event this past weekend in London. She's also scheduled to perform in England's capital at the iTunes Festival on Thursday as well.

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