Jersey Shore, Vinny Guadagnino

Scott Gries / Picture Group for MTV

Has Vinny Guadagnino ditched his fist-pumping days for good?

Just days after Vinny moved in to the Jersey Shore's Seaside Heights digs with the rest of the cast, he reportedly bolted Friday, according to Us Weekly

So, what went down?

Vinny reportedly packed his bags and returned home to Staten Island to be with his family, after he got into an altercation with a cast member.

This wasn't the first time he's stomped off in a tizzy, however.

MTV had no comment on the issue, but sources tell E! News has it that Vinny (and several other castmembers) have a history of storming out only to return later.

For example, Vinny previously left the house Wednesday, after complaining of homesickness and being "burnt out" in general. The cast was able to convince him to stay...until Friday's showdown.

We have a feeling he'll be back. The drama makes for good ratings—and, after all, Vinny has a fat paycheck to protect.

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