Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph, Kristen Wiig

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We've already introduced you to funny dudes and the "chuckle f--kers," who love them. Now it's time for you to choose who you'd hitch and who you'd ditch among Tinseltown's most hilarious hotties!

These laughing ladies are funny, hot and smart—does it get any better?

And while H'wood is chock full of women who are experts at delivering a laugh, we handpicked three of the finest comedic actresses who know how to tickle your funny bone in more ways than one:

Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and Tina Fey!

Kristen Wiig is red hot this summer. After just coming off the runaway success that was Bridesmaids, Wiig can also be seen regularly causing fits of giggles on Saturday Night Live. As long as K.Wiig leaves her mischievous alter ego, Gilly, at the studio, we'd like to lock it down with the funnylady who also happens to have a smokin' bod.

Next we have Wiig's Bridesmaids costar and former SNLer, Maya Rudolph. A master of all accents who can morph into any ethnicity or cultural background, Rudolph would be ideal to bring home to the family—just ask her to kick in a personality that would please the parentals! Oh, and she can sing too. Hello, late-night serenades!

And we could never have a funnylady poll without including Tina Fey. No one looks sexier in reading glasses than our girl Tina! And they're not just for show, this comedian-actress-producer-author is friggin' smart. The sitcom of her own creation, 30 Rock, is a four-time Emmy winner, not to mention she can do uncanny Sarah Palin impersonations. Plus, she deals with Tracy Morgan on a daily basis and had the patience to put up with Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls—oh how we love a power babe!

So, it's the moment of truth. Which funny lady gets the boot and to which would you say, I do?

Awful's Funnylady Poll: Who Would You Ditch, Do or Marry?
Ditch: Which goofy gal would you kick to the curb?
Do: Which goofy gal would you not be able to keep your hands off of?
Marry: Which goofy gal would you lovingly call your old ball and chain?
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