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    Help Us Diagnose Our Alexander Skarsgård Über-Obsession!

    Alexander Skarsgard, True Blood, Publicity Art Art Streiber/HBO

    While some of you bitch that you're (gasp!) getting sick of Alexander Skarsgård, we just can't seem to stop blabbing about the sexy Swede. And the fact that he's been looking more delish than ever on this season of True Blood isn't helping our Eric-obsessed selves.

    We jotted down our symptoms and figured now would be the perfect time to diagnose this disorder we so happily endure. And here's the term we decided best fit our current state of mind...

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    Skarsholm Syndrome!

    Perfect, don't you think? See, we want to stop gushing about A.Skars—well, kinda—but we just can't! We're even willing to overlook some of his less-attractive qualities (ya know, like his total snoozefest of a relaysh with Kate Bosworth) ‘cause we enjoy his golden blond locks and buff bod so much.

    If that's not vamp-induced Stockholm Syndrome, we don't know what is.

    And though it pains us that we're actually excited to see a movie based off a board game (that's Battleship starring Skars as a Navy officer, duh), we're sure our butts will be in seats when the flick hits our local cineplex.

    That's the power of the Skarsgård. Scary, ain't it?

    If any of you have any better terminology for this par-tick sickness, please feel free to sound of below.

    And don't forget to check back Sunday night for this week's blood-soaked installment of "True Blood Truth," where we'll dish about Alex and the rest of his sexy supernatural companions.

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