Ryan Kwanten, True Blood

John P. Johnson/HBO

Uh, oh! Things aren't sounding too good for one of our favorite True Blood hotties.

Ryan Kwanten, who plays Sookie's brother Jason, says his character is in for a very rough ride this season.

Just how bad does it get for Bon Temps' new deputy sheriff? Really bad!

Keep reading to find out more. (Don't worry, no spoilers are revealed.)

"Jason is going to be very lucky to survive this season," Kwanten told me while promoting his upcoming movie, Griff the Invisible (it's out next month, so more on that later). "He goes through more hell in this season than any other characters combined."

One scene in Sunday's episode is especially gruesome. "Even when I read it the first time, there was a real sense of, God, what the hell are they doing to this guy?" Kwanten said.

As hellish as things become, Kwanten said we'll still see Jason engaging in some of the show's signature sex scenes. "Jason may get his time, but believe me, it's not going to be the way he wants it," he teased. "That's the big caveat I'll put on it—he will get it, but not the way he wants it."


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