Anna Kendrick, Evanna Lynch

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The Twi-Potter Tournament continues, with daily duels between the two smash franchises. Today, the female classmates are going head-to-head, and we want to know who would you rather be friends with?

Jessica Stanley: Anna Kendrick's character is a nice, bubbly girl that befriends Bella on her first day. Even though she's chatty and friendly, she has a jealous side that envy's the attention Bella gets from boys. In the end, the two drift apart but when Bella needs her, Jessica is there.

Luna Lovegood: This free soul seems to live in her own world and not care what others think. As Ginny's friend, she meets Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville, and quickly becomes part of the group. Played by Evanna Lynch, Luna proves how caring, courageous and loyal she is when she joins Dumbledore's Army and fights against the Death Eaters even after they kidnap her.

Twi-Potter Tournament: Round 9
Which female classmate would you want by your side?
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