Guess Who?

Talk about an upgrade!

A month after putting their "little" four bedroom, five bathroom pad on the market for a mere $3.395 million, this superstar duo is moving on (and moving in!) to bigger and better things.

That's because a certain singer and her hilarious hubby have just paid $6.5 million for a seven-bedroom, nine-bathroom Hollywood Hills home with all sorts of cool amenities.

So which power pair will soon be enjoying an even larger lap of luxury?

Katy Perry, Russell Brand

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Katy Perry and Russell Brand!

Their newly acquired place, which was reportedly used during one season of ABC's The Bachelor, sits on nearly three acres of land.

The abode features a swimming pool, a pub, a huge home theater, a study and a guest house.

In other words, plenty of places to hang out in your tighty whities!

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