We have told you before: Shia LaBeouf is a man who speaks his mind. Filters are for those who lack conviction! But don't get us wrong, it isn't a bad thing for a Hollywood actor to openly speak his mind. It's actually refreshing. Welcomed even.

So who's he opening up about this time? His former costar Transformers Megan Fox, and you might be stunned to hear what he has to say.

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"I love Megan. She was great in the movies she was in...fun to work with, great energy, great personality," Shia told our own Ben Lyons recently. "But it's kind of a blessing that she wasn't in this movie...selfishly."

Before we judge, Shia actually reveals a legitimate concern for his character: "In the second movie, [Sam and Mikaela] became one character. There was no arc. There was no room for Sam to be heroic. They were sharing the same experience."

Does that mean Sam's getting back to his old heroic ways in Transformers: Dark of the Moon and setting this third installment above the others? Fingers crossed.

Check out the rest of the video to hear why Shia wasn't really a fan of costar Patrick Dempsey and what he tried to learn from Harrison Ford on the set of Indiana Jones.

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