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    Five Ways Lindsay Lohan Can Clean Up Her Act!

    Lindsay Lohan David McNew-Pool/Getty Images

    Holy déjà vu! With Lindsay Lohan's most recent whirlwind tour-de-courthouse and umpteenth get-out-of-jail-free card (or, ya know, not), we're starting to feel like this has all happened before.

    If it's not one thing it's another for this oft-troubled tart and, sure, LiLo's got her ominpresent super-lawyer, Shawn Holley, and an endless supply of excuses, but we wonder: Will the actress-turned-tabloid star ever change her no-good ways?

    Apparently not, according to her probation officer! But just in case Linds ever decides to go back to being famous for more than just her rap sheet, we decided to brainstorm what Lindsay's next move should be:

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    1. Duh, Get a Job and Do It!
    Where there's a will, there's a way. Surely someone in Hollyweird is still willing to hire L.L. and Linds needs to pick a project pronto—and, no, sleazy flicks like Inferno and cheapo commercials don't count. It's time for Lindsay to get on set and show everyone why she was famous in the first place: for acting.

    2. Shake What Dina Gave Ya!
    There's one place any washed-up has-been can go to re-win America's heart: Dancing With the Stars. While it may not get LiLo any closer to winning an Oscar, it couldn't hurt her career either. See, Lindsay needs people to actually care about her again and she may just be able to cha-cha away her nasty rep.

    3. Tell the Truth—For Once!
    Maybe ditching that Matt Lauer interview wasn't the best idea. People can be pretty forgiving, but only if Linds is willing to own up to her dubious deeds. Which is why a teary tell-all with someone legit (like M.L.) might be the perfect way for her to start anew—assuming she doesn't just blame it all on someone else.

    4. Cut the Umbillical Chord!
    It's no secret that the Lohan clan is a little off their collective rocker, but at least LiLo generally distances herself from her douchey dad. The real problem is her opportunistic enabler of a momager, who loves the limelight just as much (if not more) than Lindsay does. C'mon, Dina, it wouldn't hurt to say "no" from time to time.

    5. Move Out of Hollywood!
    So maybe it's a little far fetched to expect Lindsay to lay low in Minnesota or Iowa or somewhere, but L.A. certainly isn't doing her any favors. Between what goes on in the seedy shadows of Hollywood clubs and the pesky stalkerazzi, it's not too suprising that L has run into so much trouble. So maybe it's time to take a break from Tinseltown.

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