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Dear Ted:
I normally agree with you on a lot of subjects, but I think Beyoncé's new album actually really rocks. She's bringing influences from the '70s to current. It reminds me of how good all that music is. Thank goodness somebody wants to take us out of the bubblegum, autotuned music we've been getting for the last 2 years. It's time for a new direction in music. Beyoncé is serving it on this album.

Dear Who Runs The World:
I do like some of the songs ("I Care" in par-tick is a fave), but I hold B to a higher standard. She's always delivered truly delish dance tunes without sounding like a robot. And that's why I am disappointed with her latest disc—why not do ballads and faster tracks? She did it on her last album and it was fab.

Dear Ted:
Besides Mark Salling and Naya Rivera hooking up, has there been any more Glee onset romances? P.S. What did you think about Cory Monteith's confession that he used to be an addict? I myself was proud of his honesty.

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Dear Show(choir)mance:
Nothing seriously, tho Mark and Naya were never really serious either. Must fess, Cory's dirty deets shocked even me—but then again, it would explain why he's so well-behaved these days. He got all his vice ways out of his system before he stepped into the limelight.

Dear Ted:
Why is it not a big deal when Shia LaBeouf bashes both Transformers 2 and Indiana Jones, but when Megan Fox makes a comment about Michael Bay she gets fired?

Dear Bombs Away:
To be honest, the whole Transformers sitch is a mess and Megan was lucky to get out of it. Bay has never been too secretive over his total double standards for male and female talent. Meg made it big because of the first roboto flick and has since put it in her rearview mirror—and I'm sure she's not too bummed she won't be in the third installment.

Dear Ted:
Does Sally Pearlsmyth know that she is a Blind Vice? Does she regret her decision at all? How is Percy handling the situation now? I felt so bad for him. The whole situation is still so sad.

Dear Sad Sally:
Sally knows that there's chatter about town concering her unfortunately timed pregnancy (which, sadly, there is a lot of), but I can't say whether she regrets her choice or not. Percy, on the other hand, decided to get busy post-split and focus on his work instead of the sad state of his relaysh.

Dear Ted:
Leighton Meester
mentioned her Monte Carlo girl costars spent so much time off-camera hanging out with one another they formed their own little pack. Understandably, she said it was rare to find girls like these that you work with but you never get tired of. It got me thinking of Leighton's TV co-star, Blake Lively, who I haven't seen hanging out with even one girlfriend. Is she just a guy's girl? If so, any interesting tidbits why not a girl's girl?
—Gossiping Girl

Dear Gal Pal Problems:
Blake definitely has some gals she keeps close to her—one of which just happens to be uber-talented Florence Welch—but she definitely has that "guy's girl" mentality too, whatever that means. Sure, B.L. and L.M. aren't besties, but that's not really either gal's fault—some people just don't click like that.

Dear Ted:
Thank you for posting that Rob isn't hooking up with anyone's daughter—I assume you're referring to-his director's daughter. Can you shed any light on where all these rumors have been coming from about him out drinking in bars with her friends all the time and why Kristen hasn't been to see him in over a month now? A lot of people have been saying that Rob has been partying and cheating and that Kristen has gotten fed up this time with Rob's behavior so she took off her ring from him. Thank you.

Dear Rumor Round Up:
Same place all the Robsten rumors come from—overzealous peeping toms. First it was K at the center of the cheating rumors for hanging out with costar cutie Garret Hedlund and now Rob's in the same sitch. I know the fans freak out if either of these two have even the slightest bit of fun—heaven forbid, with the opposite sex—when the other isn't around, but separation is normal in most relayshes. And it's normal in this one.

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