First Justin Bieber, now Miley Cyrus. Anyone else feeling an episode of When Superfans Attack! in the works?

Earlier today (which, thanks to that whole time-difference thing, was actually tonight), while Miley performed the final notes of her closing number, "The Climb," at the first of her Melbourne gigs, a fan made their way onstage and bum-rushed the teen dream from behind.

We'd say that's pretty scary. But what did Miley have to say?

"Oh my god, oh my god," the singer exclaimed into her mic (the incident was, as these things always seem to be, caught on tape).

The rowdy fan managed to give the singer a small hug—and, obviously, a shock—before getting body tackled whisked back into the crowd by security, which just as quickly got Miley offstage to safety.

Though spooked, Miley appeared to be unharmed in the incident. It's unclear if the boundary-crossing fan suffered any consequences for her actions, but if Miley's fans are anywhere near as protective as Bieber's, she may want to spend the next week indoors.

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