I Am Number Four, Alex Pettyfer, Dianna Agron


Dear Ted:
I Am Number Four was not a mega hit but it wasn't a flop either. My sweet rescue terrier, Cupcake, and I would like to know if the producers of the movie decided to make a sequel (there are more books in that series), would exes Alex Pettyfer and Dianna Agron be legally obligated to star in it. I know most of the Twilight crew signed on in the beginning for at least three films. Just curious. And frankly, Cupcake and I thought their chemistry was great in Number Four.
—Cupcake and Liz

Dear I Am Number Five:
The studio definitely had these par-tick hotties sign on for multiple flicks, in hopes that alien adventure would be the next big box office hit—which it wasn't. So, yes, the cast is locked in whether they like it or not (most likely the latter, doll), but the likelihood of a sequel is slim. You're right about the hot chemistry tho, C—probably too hot though, right?

Dear Ted:
Well, the Twilight train is slowing down, but Robert and Kristen's stardom seems to still be rising. But which one of these two cuties' stars seems to burn brightest of all?

Dear Suck It:
You don't honestly think I'll fall for your tricks that easily, do you, Kt? You're going to have to be a bit more crafty than that, but why don't you start your search here and here.

Dear Ted:
All this True Blood Season 4 Premiere scoop is getting me all hot and bothered for my favorite Viking vampire and the man who plays him, Alexander Skarsgård. Has he been up to his Vicey ways lately? And does Kate Bosworth know about his Vice and just deal with it, or is she in denial? Sort of like I am in denial that they are even an "item," if you can call it that. Anyway, me and my kitty and puppy love your column and would love some scoop on the Skars!

Dear Viking Vicer:
Alex's star is on the rise, so, of course, his Vice is too. The more famous he gets tho, the harder he works to keep his dirty little secret just that—well, sometimes at least. And babe, I'd be shocked if K.B. didn't at least have a sneaking suspicion of what her BF is up to. Not that she'd care.

Dear Ted:
Hilary Duff
called Blake Lively a "sweet, sweet girl who has been nothing but nice to me " while working on set of Gossip Girl and Daniel Radcliffe called her "simply enchanting." Is this really how Blake is or is it just a front she puts on?

Dear He Says, She Says:
She's professional (most of the time). If that's what you mean. She's not a catty gal, really—she's not into onset bitching with her girlie costars, but she's definitely not a naive, little girl either. She's plenty sweet, but she's got some spice to her too.

Dear Ted:
Do either of the two lead Supernatural guys, (Jared Padalecki and Jenson Ackles) have current Blind Vices? Surely they can't be as squeaky clean as they seem.
—Just Asking From Australia

Dear Jackle Tackle:
I've said before that these Supernatural studs aren't as spotless as they'd like you to believe. But define current, love. They've got Vices, sure, but not any of the newer ones.

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