Shia LaBeouf is never one to hold back his opinion, and at the Moscow premiere of his latest flick, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, he opened up to our own Ben Lyons about the previous movie's shortcomings.

But while the sequel didn't hold up, Shia wants you to know the franchise's third installment is the best yet.

"We didn't have a script the second time!" Shia exclaimed about the ill-fated Transformers 2.

"It was like a two-hour SNL skit with explosions. We were sort of riffing." It's true. That method usually works better for the comedy genre. Huge, destructive robots entangled in a bloody fight usually need a well-thought-out gameplan for their work. Fortunately though, that's exactly what we can expect from director Michael Bay's latest, according to Shia:

"This is really the best script we've ever received." We'll hold you to that!

Check out the video to hear from new recruit Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on what it was like to film her first action blockbuster.

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