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It's the same old double standard hard at work: Since a 50-year-old man has broken up yet again with his latest girlfriend—and he's only been married once a long time ago—well, then, he must be gay, right?


But, check out many of the bitchy commenters who spewed right into George Clooney's latest break-up boo-hoo, and there you'll see: Many readers just assume, then, that Clooney must be homosexual! Because he just can't seem to work it out with his myriad babe partners.

Uh, why doesn't this same thing happen to Jennifer Aniston?

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Probably for a lot of different reasons, but, the main point is: It just doesn't happen when women keep breaking up with guy after guy. Poor Jennifer, and all that nonsense keeps coming out of people's keyboards and rarely (if ever), do people start screaming, "It's because she's a damn lesbian, stupid!"

(For the record, we're tellin' everybody here and now: Stop with the Jen pity-party, she is much happier now than she ever was with Brad, trust us on this one.)

So, let's figure this one out: Renée Zellweger is in between her like 50th famous bf, right? Do you ever hear that she likes to get it on with gals, as a result?


Hmmm. Is it jealousy because these women (and men) readers can't have guys like George, so they say things they think will hurt him? Or is because America just literally can't take it when bachelors like Clooney, Keanu Reeves or Bradley Cooper opt for the morally looser option of drifting from gal to gal, so they make up reasons to better help explain these taboo scenarios?

You tell us:

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