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Roderick Trestrial

Will nothing Britney Spears does ever be good enough?

When we reviewed the popstar's latest gig—touring the globe with her glitzy Femme Fatale tour—we were a bit surprised at the venom some crabby commenters spit her way. Well, not that shocked, but really, what's Brit-Brit have to do the catch a break?

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We get that Brits may not be everyone's fave Mouseketeer, but bashing her singing skills, dancing, tummy size and sometimes-shaky mental state is so 2007. And calling her a "no-talent hick" is just plain tacky.

Sure, she may not be Adele or Lady Gaga, but we said it before: B.S. can put on a damn good show.

And it was nice to finally see the spark back in her eyes—really nice. This time around she actually seemed like she was having fun when she took to the stage.

So if well-reviewed performances, a hilariously random music video that riffs on her public image and a No. 1 album aren't enough for you, what can Britney do to prove her comeback is the real deal?

Primetime Tell-All! Brit's remained tight-lipped since her oh-so-public breakdown, usually keeping her interviews short and sweet and on subjects she thinks are "cool." She's hinted at the troubles she went through, but it's time she took them head-on in a teary, tell-all interview with Oprah or in a truly A-list Truth or Dare-style doc like Madonna did.

Walk the Walk, Sing the Song! Britney is infamous for her lip-syncing ways, and tho she's isn't completely letting a track do the work for her on her latest tour, she needs to prove that she's still got some voice. Brit-Brit needs to go out on her own (à la Stevie Nicks), with only a mic and a piano to shut up the haters who call her a no-talent tart.

Cover Up, You're a Mom! Must 'fess, we though Brit's bod looked fab in the shiny little gold outfit she dons during her set list, but some folks think she can't quite pull off costumes that show off her boobs, belly and butt anymore. We know Brit is never going to be rail-thin again, but it's time she ditched the leotards and glittered bras for something more sophisticated.

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