The Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Dear Ted:
Are Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder another CW costar match-up? It all seems way to convenient now that they're always out together. Seems like a showmance to me!

Dear PDA Police:
If it was all fakey they could have come out with their relaysh—or at least hit up a few paparazzi hot spots to get fans buzzing—a long time way back in season one. Sure, it's every PR peep's dream that the leads of their boob-tube hit couple up, but just because people behind the scenes are crossing their fingers these two keep gracing tabloid covers doesn't mean it's a total con job.

Dear Ted:
Robert Pattinson
may be arguably talented, but no matter what, he is absolutely wrong for the Jeff Buckley part! They should hire someone unknown. Damn the Twi-hards, not every role in Hollywood belongs to Robsten, especially because they're not the greatest actors in the world, despite popular belief.

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Dear Buck Off:
Have to disagree with ya on this one, babe. While R and K don't need their names tossed in the rink for every role, I think the J.B. part is definitely up R.Pattz's alley. You have to admit they kind of look alike—it's the hair, right?—and R needs to play a goofier role. He's getting stuck in all the serious ones lately. Plus, Rob can carry a tune, so that's obviously a plus.

Dear Ted:
Are you a magnificent life coach, or what? I see Paris Hilton has reconnected with frenemy Nicole Richie. Do you think she was closely monitoring the poll you posted about what she should do to boost her image after terrible TV ratings? Let's revamp someone else's dwindling image/popularity and see how it takes!

Dear Helping Hilton:
Pare-babe would hardly be the first celeb to take a Team Truth tip—not to toot our own horn too much—and it's not too hard to imagine P.H. sitting at home Googling herself (she's smart about crafting her fame, that's for sure). But good for her, we'll see if the Nicole Richie route can stick for long. Any suggestions for whom we help next, H?

Dear Ted:
I just thought of a way for me (at least I'm honest...'cause I'm still trying to find a full-time job!) to get filthy rich! Let's pitch a new reality show. Ready? I'm Gonna Make George Clooney Marry Me. Yup. We supply beautiful, smart women from all over the world and let them try to see if they can crack ol' George's heart wide open. It's a win-win for everyone. I get rich, George gets someone good and decent to grow old with and whoever wins gets a great guy. Help a poor girl out, Ted.
—Miss P

Dear Media Mogul:
You've got a good plan, Missy, but George wouldn't be caught dead on a reality show. Sure he'd rack in the ratings wining and dining his harem of beauties (of course, he'd have no problem with that), but the finale would be a total bust when the poor gal was left alone at the altar. Tho, that'd keep the possibility open for a second season. Maybe you are a genius, after all.

Dear Ted:
After seeing all these new pictures of Jennifer Aniston and her new beau, I can't help thinking that this is the real deal. Am I right? Has Jennifer finally met her match?

Dear J Squared:
Too soon to tell, R, but things are getting serious—fast. Hopefully that'll work out this time.

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