Amy Winehouse, Blake Fielder-Civil


First, Amy Winehouse abruptly cancels her European tour so she can focus on recovering from her drug and alcohol problems following an onstage meltdown.

Now her bad-boy ex-hubby, Blake Fielder-Civil, is headed back to the big house as the result of a crime committed while hepped up on heroin.

What a pair.

Per the BBC, a British judge has sentenced Fielder-Civil and Christopher Sylvester to 32 months in prison for allegedly perpetrating a burglary to pay for their heroin habit.

The duo, both 29, are accused of swiping an Xbox, DVD player and baubles worth a reported $6,432. The men were nabbed after a police officer on duty nearby observed the two acting suspicious as they sat in their car.

A search of their vehicle not only turned up not only the stolen goods, but also a hammer, black tape, ski masks and gloves, and a fake handgun.

After Fielder-Civil and Sylvester admitted to possesing the stolen property, Judge Scott Wolstenholme called the daytime raid a "serious, professional burglary" and hoped the tough jail term would send a message.

"This case illustrates the depth people will sink when in the grip of heroin addiction," he said. "It is no comfort to people who are preyed on by drug addicts that the people preying on them are drug addicts."

The former music video assistant, whom Winehouse divorced in 2009, was definitely listening, telling the judge "thank you" upon learning his fate.

They don't call him Blake Incarcerated for nothing.

Once dubbed "Sailor" by Amy, Fielder-Civil has two prior convictions, one for causing grievous bodily harm stemming from a 2008 bar fight and another from when he and Winehouse were busted in Norway for marijuana possession.

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