Guess Who

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Dear Ted:
My rescue and I say congrats on the no smoking. Blackie and I have a question just for you. When you give us your Blind Vices and Bitch-Back! and such, how do you feel when a certain group takes over completely, even if their faves are not mentioned? Love to you and yours. Just Wondering. P.S. It makes us mad that no one else can get a word in edgewise.

Dear Fed Up:
Have you ever thought about doing what Blackie might do if one of his bones was taken by some nasty little poodle down the block? He'd fight back, babe! Not that I'm condoning fighting, mind you, but sometimes bullies need to be called out. And I'll tell you this much: The adored one these meanies spit all over everyone else talking about, is often very embarrassed by the nasty behavior.

Dear Ted:
After reading your review of Britney Spears' concert, what would you say to people who think her father is only in it for the money he makes off the conservatorship and that he doesn't truly have his daughter's best interests at heart? Seems to me Jamie Spears and his team have pulled off a little miracle.

Dear On Target:
I'm with you, babe. Papa Spears isn't taking in what many other stage parents have made in similar positions. He's truly only concerned about his daughter's welfare, and I've been told this by a number of Spears insiders. And remember, he's not off publishing books based on his family, like the mother is.

Dear Ted:
I was thinking about Blake Lively and Kristen Stewart earlier today. Both those girls seem pretty dedicated to their careers, but they're also entangled with some pretty famous guys. If Leonardo DiCaprio or Robert Pattinson were to ask their lady to work less, in order to spend more time together, what do you think those girls' responses would be?

Dear I'll Bite:
KStew: "Why, just so I can watch you go to the pub with your pals, no thanks, I've got a life!" Blake: "Done!"

Dear Ted:
I know you typically find Jensen Ackles painfully dull, but I assume he's largely been in Hollywood since Supernatural wrapped its season. Any chance being in L.A. has made him any more interesting or are his Vices at their worst when he's safely hidden away up north?

Dear Nice Try:
I do not find Jensen painfully dull. He's a precious friend to Jared Padalecki, and that makes him precious to me!

Dear Ted:
Are my eyes deceiving me, or did Brangelina finally make it official (based on viewing the pics of Brad on the set of World War Z) that they're a married couple? Bigger question, why did they wait so long to tell?

Dear Hold Up:
Brad did say that he would "look at" marriage with Angie, but that was like 3.5 seconds ago. Give him a little bit of time to plan his proposal, girl! Turns out Brad ol' boy was just in costume for his latest flick, World War Z, in which he plays a guy who's actually hitched.

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