Yikes. Maybe our five worst summer movie trailers post from a couple of days ago needs to be modified.

Then again, this first look at the so-called comedy Flypaper (in theaters Aug. 4) probably deserves its very own special place in hell to be singled out for being the utter mess it seems to be.

Mind you, we love ourselves some Patrick Dempsey, and Ashley Judd has certainly proven herself to be a solid actress. So, right there, we figured we were already off to a promising start when it came to this tale of a guy (Dempsey) caught in the middle of two very different groups of crooks robbing the same bank at the same time. Not to mention, it was written by the guys who gave us the first Hangover flick.

But, alas, when it comes to heist movies, this is no Heat. Heck, it ain't even Ocean's Thirteen.

Does McDreamy need to stick to silver-screen ERs or are we missing the charm in this flick?

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