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If there's one person taking the summer movie buzz by storm this year, it's Michael Fassbender. The German-born star has broken out in a big way thanks to his smoldering performance as Magneto opposite James McAvoy in X-Men: First Class.

But if you were worried that would be your only dose of the guy with cool to spare, fear not. He's costarring alongside Keira Knightley in director David Cronenberg's A Dangerous Method. It's definitely hot, but because of some friendly, uh, touching, it's slightly not safe for work. Check it out...if you think you can handle it.

Fassbender plays renowned psychologist Carl Jung in the early stages of his career, working with renowned neurologist Sigmund Freud (Viggo Mortensen). It seems that Fassy's on the edge of a breakthrough; he only needs that one special patient who is, for lack of a better phrase, crazy enough to reap the benefits of his new, experimental therapy.

Turns out Knightley fits the bill. She wastes no time revealing that past abuse "excited" her and that any possible advances from her trusted therapist would be most welcome. Like any good therapist, Fassbender rationalizes the whole situation: "Why should we put so much effort into suppressing our most basic natural instincts?" Just keep telling yourself that.

Freud is not amused, and all it takes is a few piercing and judgy glances from Mortensen to let us know where he stands on the issue of cavorting with a patient.

A Dangerous Method hits theaters Nov. 11. Does it have you..."excited"?

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